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all currently available sessions are listed below for you to book at your convenience

What's available...

Just click on the session you would like and you'll be taken to the booking calendar! I can't wait to work with you!!

Outdoor Sessions

These typically occur an hour or so before sunset! Sunrise is available upon request if you prefer. Full sessions are $650 and include your pre-session consultation, full styling for the whole fam and access to borrow from my client closet, session, and digital gallery of 15 images. Mini sessions are only available if listed below. They are $350 and include your pre-session consultation, full styling for the whole fam and access to borrow from my client closet, a 15 minute session, and 5 digital images.

Options to purchase additional digitals or upgrade to your full gallery are available for both full and mini sessions.

Coming in August!Sunflower Minis

Check back for upcoming minis!

Lavender FieldsJune&July
Fall FoliageOctober
Tree FarmNovember
Lifestyle Sessions

These occur at your home around mid day and are very relaxed sessions where we do the things your family loves. Sessions usually last 1-2 hours. Lifestyle sessions are $1200 and include your pre-session consultation, personal styling and access to borrow from my client closet, session, and full digital gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Let's debunk all the wondering that is stressing you out!

What if my kids misbehave?

I say this with all seriousness: I am not worried about your kids. As a mom of eight kids ten and under, I promise I can handle your crazy. I perform very well in chaos. I am not seeking any sort of perfect behavior. I am not interested in the forced smile of a child who would literally rather be anywhere else. I want their fun, their adventure, and yes, even their mischief. Our session is a chance for you and your family to explore a new, fun place. I let the kids lead a lot of the time, and that results in a gallery of images that look like them and you--your family and their authentic personalities...just in complimentary outfits with a beautiful scenic backdrop. ;) Might there be a meltdown? Perhaps. But you know what you'll do? Scoop them up, kiss away the tears, and snuggle close, just as you've done a hundred times before because that's the season you're in. And I'll sneak a few shots so you can remember the taste of the tears and the heat of their chubby cheek on your neck ten years from now when they're "too cool for snuggles". I promise the only complaining I usually get is when the session is over and they're not ready for the fun to end!

What do we wear?

My most asked question by far, and the place I love to help you the most in getting ready for our session! My motto is complimentary over coordinating. Trust me, I have been in the white polos and khaki's and the matching buffalo plaid. But those pictures? They don't look like my family. I offer full styling for the whole fam to help you find pieces that both look like you and your family and deepen the beauty of the session! I'll reveal all my magic tricks to make that happen after you book, including my style guide, personalized styling service, and access to borrow from my ever-growing client wardrobe! We will work together to create a complete cohesive look for your family from head to toe!

So how does the booking process work?

I try my hardest to take as much of the guesswork and stress out of the process as I can from start to finish. If you know which session you want you can choose it above and be taken directly to the booking calendar to pick your date and slot. You'll sign your contract and pay your deposit to secure your session. If you've got questions for me first, go ahead and fill out the contact form I will reach out so we can figure out your dream session! Once booked the real fun begins and we work together to bring your dream to life. You'll get your confirmation right away which will include the questionnaires so I can learn about your family and what styling you're looking for. You'll be invited to book your consult to discuss exactly what you're hoping for and ease any nerves, we put together your family look to have you feeling confident and beautiful! Then all that's left for you to do is show up for an evening of fun with your favorite people (plus me and my camera)!

When will I receive my images?

Within four to six weeks of your session, you will receive the link to your personal gallery of hand-edited images. From there you can download the digitals as well as order prints. You receive a print release to print the images at a lab of your choosing as well. Heirloom albums and gallery walls can also be created for an additional fee. I strive to beat that timeline and most times do, but it also leaves me a little wiggle room for when life throws some extra chaos our way.